Miss. Pooja Patil

Campus Director
Loknete Hon. Hanmantrao Patil Charitable Trust, Vita.

          In the global market, there is no lack of employment opportunities but they are on the hunt for quality providers. It is for this reason our institutions should think differently and enforce quality enhancement initiatives with greater impetus. The intellectuals should try to become enduring and stable role models worthy of emulation through our simple lifestyle and excellent activities. It should also be remembered that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body and so it is mandatory for today's youth to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

       Generation to follow demands a highly vibrant work-culture by appreciating the performers, by providing a platform to the students to showcase their natural talent and by promoting research culture on the campus. Students and staff need to be constantly motivated to keep themselves updated and students inspired to excel in academics and other allied fields and leave their imprints on the sands of time. The huge talent of individual should be unleashed, innovative ideas should be welcomed. This Web Portal is in line with the prospect in mind .This Web Portal is launched to unleash and encourage the creativity amongst the students and staff. It is just a beginning.